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Low Carb / Low GI Cookbook

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  1 - Enjoy delicious recipes
  2 - Use metric, imperial or cups
  3 - Hints for the low carb kitchen
  4 - Add, change or import recipes
  5 - Automatic carb calculator
  6 - Easy to use, anywhere
  7 - Print your cookbook
  8 - Organise your recipes
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Low carb, healthy eating and obesity

Food Industry Report
  1 - Overview
  2 - Executive summary
  3 - Table of contents
  4 - About
  5 - Ordering the report

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Low carb tips
  1 - Stocking up and getting started
  2 - Low carb ingredients
  3 - Coping with meals out & panic meals
  4 - Nutrition labelling and fibre
  5 - Ideas for snacks / interesting meals
  6 - Neat ideas in the kitchen
  7 - What to expect as your body adjusts
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  14-day menu plan for Atkins induction
  21-day menu plan for low GI and GL diets
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Weight loss tips
  1 - Insulin resistance, PCOS and diabetes
  2 - Sugar free / low carb / low GI recipes
  3 - Causes of sugar and carb cravings
  4 - Food allergies and candida
  5 - Finding recipes for special diets
  6 - Atkins, low carb / GI / GL recipes
  7 - Not losing weight? Diet not working?
  8 - Tips for losing weight successfully
  9 - Breaking your diet plateau
  10 - Losing weight with low thyroid
  11 - Lose fat and boost metabolic rate
  12 - Diets best for healthy weight loss
  13 - Water and weight loss
  14 - Weight loss diets and healthy eating
  15 - Losing weight fast and crash diets
  16 - Obesity in children