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24 August 2009 Atkins Diet successfully being used in epilepsy to control seizures. Michael of AtkinsForSeizures.com, whose epileptic daughter has significantly improved on the Atkins For Seizures Diet, feels that the Low Carb / Low GI Cookbook is a 'useful tool for epileptics and their families who are following the modified Atkins Diet for seizure control. Each family is desperate for ideas for a while - and using your book will give them plenty of places to start' more ...

30 August 2006 New book "Why Can't I Lose Weight" published at Diet Plateau.com - an invaluable resource for dieters, whether low carb, low GI, low calorie or low fat, who cannot get past a diet plateau or are having trouble losing weight. more ...

30 August 2006 New website and newsletter "Good Diet Good Health" for the latest news on diet, nutrition and health. more ...

17 June 2005 Tesco admits errors in GI leaflet Tesco's recent GI leaflet listed minced beef, bacon and double cream as very high GI foods and fresh chicken as medium GI. Cabbage, mushrooms and pears were the only fresh vegetables, salad vegetables or fruits listed as low GI. Low Carb is Easy.com contacted Hamish Renton, Tesco's Head of Health & Diet and co-author of the Tesco GI Guide with Rick Gallop, to point out that the leaflet was surely in error. Tesco responded to say that there were indeed errors in the leaflet. They said :

In essence, you are correct in that foods with virtually no carbohydrate should not be included on a list of foods with a Gi rating and the leaflet was indeed missing the supporting information, which was so crucial for their presence to be justified.

This also affected the statement below the table stating that all testing was carried out by Oxford Brookes University - which is clearly not the case with the offending products.

To remedy the situation, all foods with too little carbohydrate to be Gi tested will be deleted from the table prior to the next print run. The pdf of the same leaflet will be changed on our website.

Full text of Low Carb is Easy's email and Tesco's response

7 June 2005 Low carb / Atkins / Low GI / South Beach / Greek Doctor's Diet / Weightwatchers dieters sought A national paper is planning a feature on 4 women who have lost lots of weight for their holidays on the Atkins Diet, a low GI diet, the Greek Doctor's Diet, a slimming club like Weightwatchers or another well-known plan such as South Beach or similar. Low Carb is Easy.com has been asked to help in the search for dieters who would like to participate. The ideal candidates will be in their 20s or 30s and happy to pose in a bikini and sarong. They will also need to provide a photo taken during a previous holiday to show how much slimmer they look. If you are interested (and in the UK), please call Noreen Barr as soon as possible on 0207 963 7141 or mobile 07977 252182 or email her at noreen.barr@pa.press.net .

March 2005 Low GI dieters sought by media The Sunday Mirror is planning a feature on the GI diet on Sunday 13 March and has asked Low Carb is Easy to help in the search for success stories. The requirements are: to have lost a significant amount of weight on a GI diet, to be willing to supply a 'before' picture and to be available for a photoshoot next week, probably in London. Those selected will be pampered with makeovers etc and expenses will be paid. If you are interested, please call Victoria Bone direct at Sunday Mirror Features on 020 7293 3253. The deadline for making contact is Thursday 10 March but the earlier the better!

February 2004 Saturated fats The Atkins Center issued a statement confirming that their recommendations on saturated fat had not changed and that there is no need to limit it whilst following a controlled carb diet. more ...

February 2004 Carbless.co.uk, the UK's first offline low carb shop is open for business at the Bargate Centre, Southampton, SO14 2YB. (Shop has since closed)

February 2004 Dr Atkins' health: the truth Veronica Atkins, wife of the late doctor, issued a statement explaining why recent media reports that Dr Atkins was obese and had diet-related heart disease were untrue. Further corroboration was issued by Stuart Trager, MD.

January 2004 Have your say in an online questionnaire study being undertaken by the University of Surrey. The questionnaire is open to all, aims to find out about people's views of the Atkins Diet and includes a comments section at the bottom where you can expand on your views. The perfect opportunity for Atkins dieters and low carbers to make their existence felt!

January 2004 Horizon, the BBC2 TV documentary series, screened a programme on the Atkins Diet on 22 January 2004 and has provided a complete transcript and message board.

January 2004 UK nutritionists sought! If you are a qualified nutritionist sympathetic to or interested in finding out more about low carb diets, a journalist researching an article on healthy eating the low carb way would love to hear from you. Please contact us in the first instance and we will pass your contact details on.

December 2003 Diet Trials returns! - Catch-up programme with the stars of the Diet Trials series shown earlier in the year to be screened on BBC1 at 7pm on Wednesday 17 December 2003.

November 2003 Low carb bargains on eBay - eBay is now selling new and bankrupt stock as well as used items. Foods, books and kitchen and home items for the low carber have all been spotted recently - check them out!

November 2003 Channel 4 TV documentary 'The Atkins Diet: Fat or Fiction?' UK, Monday 17 November. more ...

October 2003 Now Magazine's promised special supplement on the Atkins, South Beach and Zone diets appeared in the 22 October 2003 issue. An interesting and inspiring read, including a selection of mouthwatering recipes and some very helpful Q&As. Answers to some of the questions were provided by Low Carb is Easy.com.

October 2003 Woman Magazine would like to hear from anyone who would describe themself as a compulsive over-eater who has used Atkins to help curb their eating habits. The article will include how over-eating has affected them and how to cope at Christmas. If you are interested please contact Joanna Tomlin at the Atkins UK Press Office who will forward your details to Woman (tel +44 (0) 20 7486 6644 or email joanna.tomlin@SMEES.CO.UK).

September 2003 MediSense UK (part of the international healthcare company Abbott) wants to hear from diabetics whose condition has improved on low carb. Since they have adopted a more responsible and open-minded stance than we have sadly come to expect from organisations that might see low carbing as a threat (they sell blood glucose testing equipment), low carbers out there might like to return the compliment by making their existence known to the company.

September 2003 UK Xmas pudding lovers - get your rhubarb now! You'll need it to make the delicious Xmas pud in the Low Carb is Easy Cookbook, so get some now while it is still available in supermarkets. Just chop 200 g rhubarb into chunks, microwave it (no water required) for a few minutes until soft, let it cool and then freeze it ready for when you want to make your pud. (This quantity will make 4 servings of pud). more ...

September 2003 Horizon, the BBC2 TV documentary series, is making a programme looking at the science behind Atkins. The programme will be interviewing some of the authors of the latest low carb studies and following some Atkins dieters. To be screened on BBC2 at 9.00 pm on Thursday 22 January 2004, the programme will also be repeated on BBC World - go to BBC World for tv listings for your area.

August 2003 Low carbers have already been featured by Shape Magazine (August 2003 issue) and Now Magazine is planning a special Diet & Fitness issue in mid October dedicated to the Atkins Diet. Don't miss it!

June 2003 Geri Halliwell, Jennifer Aniston and Kylie Minogue are just some of the celebrities who have lost weight successfully on low carb or low glycemic index diets. more ...

April 2003 A 6 month trial conducted by Surrey University, UK compared four leading diets - Rosemary Conley, Weightwatchers, SlimFast and Atkins. The trial was followed by a BBC series called 'Diet Trials'. more ...

March 2003 The Telegraph, London, UK reported on 9 March 2003 that the ketogenic diet is being used in the treatment of childhood epilepsy. more ...


Low Carb is Easy press releases

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October 2003 US press release "Web site offers the key to successful low-carb dieting". more ...


Site news & reviews

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6 April 2012 We no longer offer for new subscribers to add new recipes to their cookbook automatically. New recipes will continue to be added occasionally to all current subscribers' cookbooks until approximately 6 April 2013.

May 2010 Existing Good Diet Good Health Newsletter subscribers please note: Our list got so large that our ISP will no longer allow us to mail to it. We will therefore be using Google Feedburner in future to contact our readers when a new Newsletter is published. Unfortunately, anti-spam regulations mean we are unable to transfer you to any new list, so we cannot email you to let you know that you will need to resubscribe. See signup box at top left of this page more ...

January 2010 We have updated the Cookbook technically to work in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari - as well as Internet Explorer of course! Cookbook

March 2009 Since its launch in February 2003, The Low Carb / Low GI Cookbook has reached the milestone of 1000 subscribers. Cookbook

28 April 2007 Check out our new comprehensive set of weight loss tips and frequently asked questions. more ...

13 April 2007 Overweight or diabetic? Having difficulty getting insurance? Check out our offer of insurance for pre-existing medical conditions. more ...

17 March 2007 In response to questions from visitors to the Low Carb is Easy website about low carb, low GI and low GL diets, we have made the Easy Guide to Low Carb, Low GI and Low GL Diets available. more ...

December 2006 When we first launched Low Carb is Easy.com, we gave it a blue and pink house style. More recently, we have developed other products and websites such as Diet Plateau.com, Special Diets are Easy.com and Good Diet Good Health.com in a newer, fresher green colour scheme. On 31 December 2006 we relaunched Low Carb is Easy.com and the Cookbook in the green colour scheme. home page

25 September 2006 Since its launch in February 2003, The Low Carb / Low GI Cookbook has reached the milestone of 500 subscribers. Cookbook

August 2006 Low GI & GL diet plans added. more ...

February 2006

Cheriť Davidson, SuitableWords.com

Review - featuring an article by Cheriť Davidson of SuitableWords.com, who says about the Cookbook ... "a clever meshing of an interactive cookbook and an information website" ... "I love the idea of this easy and fun way to organize, update and tailor all my recipes" ... "once you subscribe to Low Carb is Easy, you receive full access to all the recipes and great customization tools for personalizing your cookbook" ... "the folks at Low Carb is Easy put a lot of thought into this online cookbook, making it easy to use online and offline in print form". more ...

August 2005


Award - Low Carb is Easy's recipe for Chicken and Mushroom "Risotto" was proud 'Runner up' in the August 2005 low carb "Viva la Veggie" competition organised by CCARBS - the Controlled Carbohydrate Assessment Registry Bank Study. CCARBS is a large research project investigating the long term efficacy of low carb diets, and is being undertaken at the prestigious Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University, New York, USA. Thy study will last for three years and is the first rigorous scientific tracking system designed to provide researchers with accurate data on controlled carbohydrate eating habits. CCARBS

May 2004

Low carb, healthy eating and obesity - a report for the food industry on the implications of the Atkins Diet and other low carb and healthy eating market trends. This report looks at the opportunities and threats for the UK food industry which arise from the Atkins/low carbohydrate diet phenomenon, set within the context of the many other trends and influences affecting attitudes towards diet and the health of the nation. Report

February 2004 Menu plan added. 14 days of menus - breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks - suitable for Atkins Induction and other low carb diets limiting carbohydrates to 20 g or less per day. Menu plan

January 2004 Site map added to help visitors find their way around the site and not miss anything. Site map A-Z

January 2004 Demonstration 'Print' and 'Help' features enabled as in Cookbook. Enables visitors to print their 4 free recipes. Demo

December 2003
New Christmas recipes added to the Cookbook, including pork & apricot stuffing, trifle, chocolate yule log, fruit salad, mince pies, brandy butter and brandy sauce. The new recipes complement existing festive recipes such as Christmas pudding and other snacks and treats such as cheese straws, truffles and other chocolates. All added recipes are included within the price of the annual subscription. more...

November 2003 Calculator added to the 'Edit' and 'Add' pages of the Cookbook, to make calculating different quantities easier when personalising a recipe. Total carbs and carbs per serving are recalculated automatically when an ingredient or number of servings is changed. Links to carb lookup tables provided on 'Edit' and 'Add' pages. Take the tour

June 2003 Tour of the Cookbook added. Experience the features of the Low Carb is Easy Interactive Cookbook by stepping through the tour. Also see a live demo of the Cookbook. Tour


June 2003 Guestbook added. Why not stop by and tell us what you think of this site? Or if you're already using our Interactive Cookbook, tell us what you think of it. We welcome your feedback, and will use it to improve this site. Visit Guestbook

June 2003 First non-English-language website link added.

May 2003 Translation tools added. The site can now be translated into French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

April 2003 Cookbook survey added - tell us what you look for in low carb recipes, and also the features you would like to see in the ideal low carb cookbook. After taking the survey, see what others thought. Take the survey

March 2003 New 'print all' feature added. Cookbook can now print all the recipes at once, saving you having to print each one individually.

February 2003 Webrings added.