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6 - Neat ideas in the kitchen

  1. When making low carb lollies and ice creams in lolly moulds, unmould the entire batch once frozen and wrap individually in clingfilm. This saves space in the freezer and avoids the difficulty of extracting only one lolly at a time from a multi-mould.

  2. Save mascarpone, ricotta and other small lidded plastic pots. They are ideal for freezing individual portions of low carb ice cream and other desserts.

  3. Keep a selection of plastic ice cream tubs for storing low carb biscuits and individual cake portions in the freezer. The tub lids are also useful as a base on which to freeze low carb quiche or cheese cake - just place the portions on the lid separated from one another by a thin strip of foil, enclose the whole thing in a freezer bag and exclude the air before tying and placing in the freezer.

  4. Buy rhubarb (or other low carb fruits) when in season, stew in the microwave and freeze in ice cube trays. Once frozen, the cubes can be transferred to a freezer bag.

  5. Don't be put off baking or making more elaborate main courses just because there is only one low carber in the household - virtually everything can be frozen successfully in individual portions and brought out when required.

  6. When making low carb bread, slice it once cold and stack in a freezer bag, separating the slices with single pieces of kitchen foil, cut to size. It is then easy to take out slices when you need them, and the foil pieces can be re-used next time.

  7. When making low carb meatloaf, slice into individual portions once cold. Wrap each slice closely in kitchen foil before stacking in a freezer bag.

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