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16 - Obesity in children

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Some authorities claim that lack of exercise is what has led to the childhood and teen obesity epidemic. Others suggest that, although inactivity in front of the television or a computer for many hours each day undoubtedly contributes to weight problems, there is too much focus on activity levels. Instead, they feel that the type of food children eat these days is the prime cause of the rise in obesity. Read more in our article "How To Tackle The Obesity Epidemic".

Eating fast food is not necessarily a problem. The problem comes when fast food becomes the staple diet and displaces other more nutritious foods such as vegetables, salad, fruit, nuts, seeds and essential fats such as the omega 3s..

Fast food also tends to be high in refined carbohydrates, sugar and salt which sets up biochemical cravings causing children to eat more than they need. It also tends to be highly processed, often containing man-made fats ('trans fats') and artificial additives. These ingredients can disrupt the body's systems and cause weight gain in various ways.

"Why Can't I Lose Weight" is a book which explains how refined carbohydrates, nutrient deficiencies, artificial additives and other factors can make losing weight for children and teens on conventional diets impossible and explains how to achieve weight loss in a healthy and natural way.