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9 - Breaking your diet plateau

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How to break a weightloss plateau or stall is a question nearly all dieters have at some point. Your body is a very complex machine and there are lots of biochemical and hormonal reasons why weight loss might stop, even though you're still sticking faithfully to your diet.

Unfortunately there is no single magic pill that can get you past a diet plateau. You could spend a lot of money on this or that diet pill, herbal weight loss aid, fat burner or metabolic enhancer, and still not lose weight. The problem is that if you deal with just one of the factors that are involved, but the others are still out of balance, then you are unlikely to be successful.

The best way to break your diet plateau is to identify all the factors that could apply to you, and take action to deal with each of them in a methodical and natural way. "Why Can't I Lose Weight" is an excellent book which explains all these factors in a clear way and provides you with an easy step by step personal action plan to beat your diet plateau.