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The following selection of books will provide a good grounding in low carb / low GI dieting and the role of good nutrition in weight control.

Recommended for low Glycemic Index / Glycemic Load

 Title  The Healthy Low GI Low Carb Diet
 Author  Charles Clark & Maureen Clark
 Edition  2005
 Publisher  Vermillion
 ISBN  0091902541
An easy to follow update on Charles Clark's previous book, the New High Protein Diet. Essentially still advocating a low carb regime, which Clark backs up with medical studies, it brings in the principles of low GI and offers a more flexible approach to the more carby foods such as pasta, pulses, fruit and puddings.

 Title  The GI Diet
 Author  Rick Gallop
 Edition  2003
 Publisher  Workman Publishing Company
 ISBN  0761131787
Definitely the book to get if you want to learn what GI science is all about in a very readable way. As a bonus, Rick Gallop's GI Diet uses a simple red - yellow - green traffic light system, making it surely one of the simplest GI diets to follow.

 Title  Eat Yourself Slim
 Author  Michel Montignac
 Edition  1999
 Publisher  Michel Ange Network Inc
 ISBN  0968402909 USA
2912737001 UK
Eat Yourself Slim by Michel Montignac A 'must-have' for anyone following the Montignac Method, which focuses on avoiding high glycemic index (GI) foods rather than limiting carbs as such. Also very useful background reading for those following the Atkins or Clark diets.

 Title  Collins GEM GI
 Author  Collins
 Edition  2005
 Publisher  Collins
 ISBN  0007211392
Collins GEM GI shows each food portion as High, Medium or Low by means of a traffic light indicator. Also lists carbs, calories, protein, fat and fibre, with values per suggested portion. Choose this counter if you are doing low GI or prefer to see food values per portion, rather than per 100g.

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Recommended for Atkins / low carb

 Title  Life Without Bread
 Author  Dr Christian Allen & Dr Wolfgang Lutz
 Edition  2000
 Publisher  Keats Publishing / McGraw-Hill
 ISBN  0658001701
Convincing evidence from Dr Lutz' medical practice over 40 years that a low carb diet high in healthy fats can cure or arrest diabetes and obesity, heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders and even cancer. Lots of compelling detail on the biochemical processes involved, particularly the homocysteine/B vitamin theory of heart disease and the glucose 'switch' in cancer, explained against the backdrop of Man's evolution.

 Title  The Protein Power Lifeplan
 Author  Michael and Mary Eades
 Edition  2000
 Publisher  Warner Books
 ISBN  0446678678
A detailed but easy to read explanation of why our low-fat, carb-laden, nutrient-depleted diet is bad for us. A must-have, particularly for those interested in the evolutionary theory of the 'diseases of civilisation' that plague us today. Highly recommended.

 Title  The Vegetarian Low Carb Diet
 Author  Rose Elliot
 Edition  2005
 Publisher  Piatkus
 ISBN  0749925841
Vegetarians need no longer feel left out if they wish to follow a low carb or low GI diet - this book is a must for those who until now have only been able to look on enviously as their meat-eating friends have successfully lost weight on the Atkins or other low carb diets.

 Title  Living the Low Carb Life
 Author  Jonny Bowden, MA, CNS
 Edition  2004
 Publisher  Stirling Publishing Co Inc
 ISBN  1402713983
Living the Low Carb Life by Jonny Bowden This book should be top of every low carb dieter's buy list! Whether you're a beginner wondering which low carb diet to choose, or an experienced low carber ready for more detail on complex topics such as fats, this book is a must. Jonny Bowden's clear explanations entertain as they inform. Not to be missed.

 Title  Dr Atkins' New Diet Revolution
 Author  Robert C Atkins, MD
 Edition  Completely updated 2002/3
 Publisher  Avon Books
 ISBN  006001203X USA
0091889480 UK
Dr Atkins' New Diet Revolution by Robert C Atkins MD The official Atkins Diet book - a 'must-have' for anyone serious about doing Atkins.

 Title  Atkins for Life
 Author  Robert C Atkins, MD
 Edition  2003
 Publisher  MacMillan
 ISBN  1405021101
Atkins for Life by Robert C Atkins MD Further insights into why Atkins works and practical advice on how to succeed in the lifetime maintenance phase. A valuable follow-on manual for Atkins dieters who have moved through the earlier phases of the Diet. Also suitable for new low carbers looking for a healthy way to lose just a few pounds.

 Title  Eat Fat and Grow Slim
 Author  Dr Richard Mackarness
 Edition  1982
 Publisher  Fontana Paperbacks
 ISBN  0006338089
Absolute must-have background reading for the serious low carber - if Atkins is the father of low carbing, then Mackarness surely must be the grandfather. Here are clear explanations of how obesity is a failure of adaptation to a diet based largely on refined carbohydrates, and fascinating observations on the politics of food and the medical world which sadly remain true today.

 Title  The New High Protein Diet
 Author  Dr Charles Clark
 Edition  2002
 Publisher  Random House UK Ltd
 ISBN  0091884268
The New High Protein Diet by Dr Charles Clark A good choice for those whose metabolism can handle slightly more carbs than Atkins in the initial stages. Clear and easy to read, it is also a good companion to Dr Atkins' book for those wishing to use a broad understanding of low carb science as a tool for success.

 Title  Eat Fat, Get Thin
 Author  Barry Groves
 Edition  1999
 Publisher  Vermilion
 ISBN  0091825938
Eat Fat, Get Thin by Barry Groves Another good choice for those whose metabolism can handle slightly more carbs in the initial stages than Atkins, as Groves fights shy of ketosis. Equally, a thought-provoking yet readable companion to the other books for those wishing to widen their knowledge of the science and politics of low carbing.

 Title  Carbohydrate-Addicted Kids
 Author  Rachael & Richard Heller
 Edition  1998 paperback
 Publisher  HarperCollins
 ISBN  0060929502
Subtitled "Help Your Child or Teen Break Free of Junk Food and Sugar Cravings For Life!", this book describes how to free your kids from the insulin trap and break their cravings for sweets and snacks with healthy eating the low carb way.

 Title  Dr Atkins' New Carbohydrate Counter
 Author  Robert Atkins
 Edition  1997
 Publisher  M Evans & Co
 ISBN  0871318156
Lists carbs, protein and fat grams. Showing values mostly by cup or other volume measure (rather than per 100g/100ml) and including many branded foods, this counter is most likely to be of interest to US dieters. UK dieters may prefer the Collins Calorie Counter (see below) which includes carbs and gives values per 100g/100ml.

 Title  Collins Gem Calorie Counter
 Author  Collins
 Edition  2003
 Publisher  Collins
 ISBN  0007144342
Lists carbs, calories, protein, fat and fibre, with values per 100g/100ml. Carb values are net of fibre. Containing thousands of standard and branded foods, this counter is most likely to be of interest to UK dieters.

 Title  Atkins Diabetes Revolution
 Author  Mary Vernon and Jacqueline Eberstein
 Edition  2004
 Publisher  William Morrow
 ISBN  0060540087
If you are a type II diabetic, or think you might be heading that way, don't fail to read this book. Detailed yet readable, concepts such as the glycemic index and countless other topics make this book of great interest to anyone wanting to progress to the next level of understanding about low carb / low GI science.

 Title  The Greek Doctor's Diet
 Author  Dr Fedon Alexander Linberg
 Edition  2005
 Publisher  Rodale
 ISBN  1405077492
With almost half of all Norwegians following Dr Lindberg's advice, this diet's popularity is fast spreading outside Norway. Based on similar principles to the Atkins nutritionally based 'eat healthy for life' plan, and inspired by the Mediterranean diet, it is a good choice for those who have a higher carb tolerance and who will therefore do well focusing on low GI rather than carbs as such.

 Title  The South Beach Diet
 Author  Dr A Agatston
 Edition  2003
 Publisher  Rodale Press
 ISBN  1579546463
As Dr Agatston says, this diet is about the right carbs and the right fats, not low carb or low fat. Another useful read for low carb and low GI dieters wanting to understand more about the science and related topics such as dietary fats, whether or not they wish to follow the South Beach Diet itself.

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Recommended books on nutrition and healthy eating

 Title  Escape the Diet Trap
 Author  Dr John Briffa
 Edition  2012
 Publisher  Fourth Estate
 ISBN  0007442432
Dr Briffa describes the science behind low carb diets, demolishing the arguments against them one by one in a logical, clear way. Whether coming to the book with little prior knowledge of weight loss diets, nutrition and health or as a well-read connoisseur of the literature, the reader will find this an easy to read yet scientifically detailed account of everything we now know about low carb diets and why they are both more effective and more healthy for most people than low fat/low calorie diets. A must-read.

 Title  Trick and Treat
 Author  Barry Groves
 Edition  2008
 Publisher  Hammersmith Press
 ISBN  1905140223
A far-reaching, thought-provoking expose of so-called healthy eating. Barry Groves explains how we have failed to take into account the sources of our information and their vested interests, with the result that we are becoming sicker, not healthier. Along with Gary Taubes' book, a must buy for anyone serious about their health.

 Title  Why We Get Fat
 Author  Gary Taubes
 Edition  2011
 Publisher  Anchor Books
 ISBN  0307949435
Gary Taubes' follow-up to his original book 'The Diet Delusion' - fascinating, impelling and an absolute must-read.

 Title  The Diet Delusion ('Good Calories, Bad Calories' in US)
 Author  Gary Taubes
 Edition  2008
 Publisher  Vermilion (UK); Knopf (US)
 ISBN  0091891418
Dietary fat, whether saturated or not, is not a cause of obesity, heart disease or any other chronic disease. Obesity is not caused by overeating or a lack of exercise. Consuming excess calories does not make us fatter. Sounds unbelievable? Gary Taubes sets out compelling scientific evidence for these statements. A must buy for anyone serious about following a healthy diet.

 Title  Hidden Food Allergies - Is what you eat making you ill?
 Author  Patrick Holford & Dr James Braly
 Edition  2006
 Publisher  Piatkus Books
 ISBN  0749926023
One of the best explanations of food allergies, including the link with leaky gut syndrome, poor digestion and suboptimal nutrition. Read this book to see how food allergies can be the cause of a wide range of chronic problems such as overweight, food cravings, fluid retention, migraines, fatigue, arthritis, joint pain, eczema, ADHD, asthma, depression, brain fog and autism. A must buy.

 Title  Evolving Health - the origins of illness
 Author  Noel Boaz
 Edition  2002
 Publisher  John Wiley & Sons
 ISBN  0471352616
A fascinating book explaining how the 'diseases of civilisation' that now affect us (obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer) are the result of a diet and environment for which evolution has not yet equipped us. A noted anthropologist and evolution researcher, the author shows us how we are making ourselves ill and how we have the power to prevent this.

 Title  Illustrated book of nutritional healing
 Author  Denise Mortimore
 Edition  2003
 Publisher  Thorsons
 ISBN  0007136889
This book is full of easy-to-read yet detailed explanations of the body's systems at biochemical level and the relationship between food, environmental toxins and health. A must for anyone wishing to understand the role of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the diet and the principles of nutritional healing.

 Title  Eat Right for Your Type
 Author  Peter D'Adamo
 Edition  2001
 Publisher  Garners Books / Century
 ISBN  071267716X
A fascinating explanation of how different blood types developed from the original 'O' type of the first humans, how lectins in foods affect different blood types and the impact this can have on our health. Another factor to consider for those seeking their ideal diet.

 Title  Eat Fat Lose Fat
 Author  Dr Mary Enig & Sally Fallon
 Edition  2005
 Publisher  Michael Joseph
 ISBN  0718147618
Dr Enig is a world-renowned biochemist and expert on the complex subject of fats. An absolute must for anyone wanting to understand the real issues about fats and get the true facts, such as why saturated fats such as coconut oil and butter are beneficial, not harmful, and why meats, eggs, cream and other traditional high fat foods are healthy, under the right circumstances.

 Title  Feed Your Kids Well
 Author  Fred Pescatore
 Edition  1998 paperback
 Publisher  John Wiley & Sons
 ISBN  047124855X
Subtitled "How to Help Your Child Lose Weight and Get Healthy", this book offers practical advice for parents on childhood obesity and other problems using a low carb and nutritional approach.

 Title  Collins Gem Calorie Counter
 Author  Collins
 Edition  2003
 Publisher  Collins
 ISBN  0007144342
Lists carbs, calories, protein, fat and fibre, with values per 100g/100ml. Carb values are net of fibre. Containing thousands of standard and branded foods, this counter is most likely to be of interest to UK dieters.

 Title  Living Food for Health
 Author  Dr Gillian McKeith
 Edition  2000
 Publisher  Judy Piatkus (Publishers) Ltd
 ISBN  1591201225
Discover the power of food with clinical nutritionist Dr Gillian McKeith. Humorous and easy to read, this fascinating book will help you discover how you too can use Nature's superfoods to improve your health.

 Title  Food, your Miracle Medicine
 Author  Jean Carper
 Edition  1998
 Publisher  Harper
 ISBN  0061013307
A comprehensive guide to the pharmacological properties of foods and how this knowledge can be harnessed to treat or prevent symptoms and conditions. A layman's fascinating insight into just how true it is that 'we are what we eat'.

 Title  Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome
 Author  James L Wilson
 Edition  2002
 Publisher  Smart Publications
 ISBN  1890572152
Adrenal fatigue, a largely unrecognised illness, could be the cause of disparate problems such as tiredness, poor ability to handle stress, irritability, road rage, anxiety, dizzy spells, depression, poor sleep, poor memory and concentration and inability to lose weight. James Wilson explains this neglected and complex topic in a clear and understandable way. An absolute must-read for anyone suffering from these symptoms (particularly where there are long-standing problems with underactive thyroid, as this makes adrenal fatigue almost a certainty).

 Title  The Obesity Epidemic: What Caused It? How Can We Stop It?
 Author  Zoe Harcombe
 Edition  2010
 Publisher  Columbus Publishing Ltd
 ISBN  1907797009
Zoe Harcombe unpicks the 'calorie' theories on which modern weight loss advice is based, finding that not one obesity-related association, national health service or government health department can produce the scientific evidence that they are correct. Along with Gary Taubes' work, this book is a must-read for anyone seriously interested in understanding the truth about our disastrous weight loss advice and how it promotes the current obesity epidemic.

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Recommended for weight loss problems & diet plateaus

 Title  Why Can't I Lose Weight
 Author  Jackie Bushell
 Edition  2012
 Publisher  Good Diet Good Health
 ISBN  E-book
A must-read for any dieter who wants to avoid or overcome weight loss problems such as diet plateaus, depressed metabolic rate and loss of lean body mass. A comprehensive, easy-to-read exploration of the many factors that can prevent weight loss and how to deal with them, complete with scientific references and personal action plan. Updated 2012 including HCG diet.

 Title  The Easy Guide to the HCG Diet
 Author  Jackie Bushell
 Edition  2012
 Publisher  Good Diet Good Health
 ISBN  E-book
Find out how to achieve fast, safe weight loss with this easy guide to the HCG Diet. You will learn what the HCG Diet is all about, why it is different to other diets and how its hallmark is incredibly fast weight loss which is both safe and permanent. This Guide will help you decide whether the HCG Diet is suitable for you and provide you with step-by-step instructions and tips on how to do the diet.

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